Post Brexit Telly

Apparently the success of both the Brexit campaign and Donald Trump are due to ordinary people expressing dissatisfaction with the ‘establishment’ and its conventions.  So where’s it all going to lead? Where else have the population successfully challenged the iron hand of the regime?  Is this the West’s ‘Arab Spring’?

I watched ‘Silent Witness’ last night which showed the good looking blonde lead getting it right, yet again, and luring an immigrant refugee away from her repressive community.  Very ‘right thinking’, very ‘establishment’.

Wouldn’t it be nice just for once for her to be shown to have got it wrong, for the good side of the victim’s ‘repressive community’ to come out, and how her ‘enlightened’ future might end up corrupting her?

Preposterous?  Well so was Brexit, so was Trump.  It’s certainly a challenge.


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